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Minimwatch, Java Runtime and Adobe Photoshop
10-03-2015, 00:32
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RE: Minimwatch, Java Runtime and Adobe Photoshop
Got it! I confirm that both PS and Minimwatch work with Apple's JavaAppletPlugin.plugin alias deleted.

As I now understand it, the Apple version of Java lives in /System/Library/Java and the Oracle version in /Library/Internet Plug-Ins (as JavaAppletPlugin.plugin). I'm sure I didn't manually delete the Apple installation last week when I installed Minimwatch (I don't usually go poking around in /System/Library), yet Adobe's products were almost all crippled by installing Oracle's updated Java (at least when I first did it). It took me almost a day to make the connection, as it had been so long since that weird Apple-originating dialog informed me years ago that Photoshop, etc., "needed" Java. I wonder if some warning and help is needed for other users of this aging Adobe product who also want to run Minimwatch? It was not obvious to me that I could have two versions installed so easily on the one machine, yet this is what some of us clearly need.

Again, great support - thanks!
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