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Account Banning
24-07-2015, 16:01
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RE: Account Banning
(24-07-2015 15:20)Briain Wrote:  Hi Simon

I had that this afternoon when working at a customer premises (in Edinburgh) this afternoon (probably about 13:30 GMT, at a guess). That particular shop is served by Virgin ISP, but I didn't think to note the WAN address, as I just assumed it was either a forum glitch, or that you'd banned me cause I'm completely bonkers (which would be entirely understandable)! Tongue

I might have to return to that same site tomorrow, so if I do, I'll note the WAN IP address. I'll be at another branch of that same Chain of shops on Monday - which I think might also be a Virgin served one - so I'll also check to see if I can log in from there.


This is likely to be caused by a blacklisted WAN IP address. Please PM me the address when you can get it and I will investigate.
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