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MinimStreamer on Raspberry Pi dropout
25-02-2015, 23:57 (This post was last modified: 25-02-2015 23:58 by simoncn.)
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RE: MinimStreamer on Raspberry Pi dropout
(25-02-2015 23:21)jack_c85 Wrote:  Just dropped out again... this is with the delayHLS=10 setting. Shall I increase this?

I'm fairly sure increasing the delay won't prevent the dropouts. It seems the Sonos is playing the stream faster than the BBC can send it.

The log is wrapping at 500 KB, so I'm not seeing what happens when the stream starts playing. Please capture the log from the first 10 minutes of playing (with delayHLS=10). If you could attach these logs as file attachments instead of pasting them as inline text (remember to click the Add Attachment button), that would be easier for me to handle.

Thanks very much for all your help with this!
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