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MinimStreamer on Raspberry Pi dropout
23-02-2015, 23:07
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MinimStreamer on Raspberry Pi dropout
Hi Simon,

Although it's way better than the rubbish MP3 streams, using a Raspberry Pi, running your fantastic MinimServer to provide the 320kbs BBC Radio streams to my Sonos system is great, however... I experience quite a bit of dropout, only for short periods of time generally but occasionally the stream stops completely.

I have flashed the Pi and am running it on Raspbain in the command line form so that is literally the only thing running on the Pi... can you think of any other reason the streams could be experiencing dropout. The Pi is using wired network connection to my router which is wired directly to the Sonos system so no reason there should be any network issues. Are you able to test this your end. Because it's Sonos I'm not using the UPNP server just the HTTP URL's for the MinimStreamer.

Thanks in advance.

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MinimStreamer on Raspberry Pi dropout - jack_c85 - 23-02-2015 23:07

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