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Annotations or comments - best place?
22-03-2015, 00:41
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RE: Annotations or comments - best place?
(21-03-2015 23:57)krutsch Wrote:  I have already used the "indexTags" procedure you mention; and, I've looked at the logs (turned up to Verbose) - nothing looks incorrect.

I'm not quite clear whether you are seeing Comment in the MinimServer index for these FLAC files. This is important information for tracking down the cause of the problem.

Quote:I also looked at an example file with a Hex editor (using MediaInfo), which *does* show: Description: SACD, Hybrid, Surround

Does the hex editor show COMMENT=Description: SACD, Hybrid, Surround? The COMMENT= (or Comment=) part is required to make this work.
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