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Thousands of log warnings...illegal 0x00
10-02-2015, 18:02 (This post was last modified: 10-02-2015 18:04 by ted_b.)
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RE: Thousands of log warnings...illegal 0x00
Thanks. No, JRiver does not do a clean DSF to DSF (or DFF for that matter) conversion. Any of their DSD file conversions go through a PCM stage. I will try the hex editor or just give this back to the engineer (I work for the site that produced these album files, NativeDSD, and I myself created the tagging rules and script, but that is true for other albums that passed this test too). It might be something where non-ID3V2 tags like label or sub-genre is messed up). This is a pre-production album copy so I may just go and download the production version and retry. Thx
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