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Transcode flac:wav24 not working
29-01-2015, 21:05
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RE: Transcode flac:wav24 not working
(28-01-2015 23:16)simoncn Wrote:  
(28-01-2015 22:07)Win50 Wrote:  Hi,

I have installed Ministreamer on my Minimserver 0.8.3 and set the stream.transcode as flac:wav24 but there is no impact on my lumin network player.

When i play flac files i still have flac displayed on the lumin or in my lumin application on Ipad.

Do you have any idea of could be the problem ?

Thank you


You need to restart MinimServer after making this change. You might need to also restart the LUMIN app and the LUMIN player.

Thank you
Unfortunately it didn't work.
I have restarted minimserver, rescanned, restarted the Lumin and the Lumin app. And nothing has changed.

Ministreamer is 0.5.1
My system properties are

Strem.converter: ffmpeg
Stream.TRanscode: flac:wav24

I did not installed ffmpeg and just let the initial property set.

Maybe someone had the same problem to activate the flac transcode ?
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