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MinimServer and Linn Kazoo
08-01-2015, 15:05 (This post was last modified: 08-01-2015 15:44 by DavidHB.)
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MinimServer and Linn Kazoo
I wanted to revive this thread, but the title is now out of date. After a period during which I have hardly used Kazoo (preferring to use Kinsky on Windows), I have come back to it, and find that there have been significant changes.

The main change (to which I was alerted in another thread) is that Kazoo now supports UPnP Search, so MinimServer users now have a Search function that is as good as the one provided by the Bubble control points on Android. Also speed and responsiveness in Kazoo (always pretty good) seem to be if anything better than ever. My players are both Linn devices, so I don't know whether Kazoo works with other devices, or whether it is still irrevocably tied to the OpenHome protocol which few other manufacturers support. If it is, this would be its main weakness. But, for Linn owners using MinimServer, I would now recommend trying Kazoo. I don't suppose that Linn will be supporting both Kinsky and Kazoo for ever (though Kazoo is currently available only for Windows and Max OS X).

One disappointment in my use of Kazoo is that it still cannot handle the 'Disc n' container in a multi-disc album, so it is impossible to add all the tracks from a disc to the playlist in one go; by contrast, Bubble DS next can do this. I have reported this issue on the Linn Forum in the past, and will do so again, unless anyone advises that Linn are aware of the problem and intend to fix it. [Later EDIT] I now find that what I reported is a similar issue with grouped tracks, which has been fixed. I have posted a request for a similar fix in relation to 'Disc n' containers.

How good is Kazoo now (bearing in mid that most of those who posted to the previous thread were less than enthusiastic about it)? Well, it's a good deal better than it was in terms of features, and (on the Windows version I use) still has its original virtues of speed and stability. It is now in my view more user friendly, on Windows at least, than either Kinsky or foobar2000/fooUPnP. But it does not begin to compete with the more consistent design and wider range of features of Bubble DS Next and its Bubble UPnP counterpart on Android.

I think that Kazoo is now the most recommendable Windows control point for Linn users, particularly those who also use MinimServer. It would be good to know what experience MinimServer users with players not of Linn manufacture have had with recent builds of Kazoo.

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