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Tagging and Sorting for Multiple Artists
31-12-2014, 01:53
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Tagging and Sorting for Multiple Artists
First, thanks for the great server. I have a question regarding tagging and sorting which may have been discussed previously but I am unable to find and exact match for the issue I am having in the forum.

All my files are FLAC, have been tagged with dbPoweramp, Foobar2000 or MP3Tag. They all have album artist tags, artist sort tags and album artist sort tags. Minimserver is running on a QNAP NAS version 0.8 update 42.

My issue is with files that have multiple artist tags. For instance, if I have a track where there are 2 artists, Jackson Browne and Bonnie Raitt, it is tagged with 2 artist tags. What I would like to happen is in the All Artists list on minimserver, I would like to see Jackson Browne under Browne, Jackson and Bonnie Raitt under Raitt, Bonnie. However if I just have one Artist Sort tag (say Browne, Jackson) all Bonnie Raitt titles will be sorted under B. Same seems to happen if I have multiple Artist Sort tags (Browne, Jackson//Raitt, Bonnie). I also get a warning error on the log file Warning: Custom value conflict for ARTIST tag ......

In the Artist list and Album Artist list things are fine, presumably because it is checking the album artist tag.

Settings for Minimserver are:
Index tags: Artist, AlbumArtist, Date, Genre, All Artists, Composer, Conductor, Orchestra
Item Tags: Artist Sort, Album Artist Sort
tagOptions: Album.sortTags={Album, Artist}, all.ignore.sort={The}
tagValue: Artist.value.sort={Artist Sort}, AlbumArtist.value.sort={Album Artist Sort}
tagCustom: AlbumArtist.displayRole={artist}, Composer.displayRole={artist}
tagFormat: Artist.displayFormat={$artist$orchestra$conductor}

Any clues would be helpful, although it isn't a killer.

Cheers, Kel
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