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“GROUPINGS” not appearing as groups
29-12-2014, 18:37
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“GROUPINGS” not appearing as groups
I have been using MinimServer happily for some months and I decided that I would like to tag my classical works/compositions so that they would be “grouped” by MinimServer and appear so in Kazoo or Kinsky. I used Metadatics’ “Grouping” tag - I have Macs running Yosemite -and according to my writeAllTags file/output from MinimServer I have now over 100 “GROUPING” tags, but none of which render the tracks as groups in my control point.

I have, however, one Album of 10 tracks that contains 3 “CONTENTGROUP” tags and which is rendered as groups in the way I wished… (I do not know why this album should have different tagging from the others...)

After perusing an earlier thread on this forum I entered ContentGroup:Group in aliasTags and restarted MinimServer, but this makes no apparent difference.

I would be very grateful if someone could point out the (blindingly obvious?) thing that I have overlooked or misapplied.

With thanks in advance...
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“GROUPINGS” not appearing as groups - JNS - 29-12-2014 18:37

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