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Display of Tags During Playback
19-11-2014, 22:52
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RE: Display of Tags During Playback
(19-11-2014 21:00)brownbear Wrote:  During playback (Oppo BDP-105), the tags that are displayed are Album, Artist, Title, Genre (likely not in that order, but those are the four). I would like YEAR to display as well and I'm ok with eliminating Genre if four is the limit. I've read the user guide and searched the forums, but the tagging part of MinimServer is going over my head. Is there an easy way to accomplish this?

It is up to the control point to choose what information it will display. MinimServer is sending the year to the control point, so this means the control point is choosing not to display it.

You can use the tagFormat property to include the year in one of the fields that the control point does display, such as Album or Title.
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