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Folder View - The only vital view
16-11-2014, 16:10
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Folder View - The only vital view

I have just installed Minuim on my QNAP NAS to be used instead of Twonky with my Naim NDX streamer. (The reason I have moved from Twonky is because songs are displayed in alphabetical order in folder view).

The only view that I want to use is "Folder View" as this sorts the albums I want correctly as in my old CD rack Smile

However, here are the problems I cannot resolve:

1) Folder View doesn't look like the other views such as Artist View in that the Artwork isn't displayed in the parent folder, it only displays on the actual albums and irritatingly on the actual songs themselves.

2) In folder view I get an irritating option of "TAG view" in each artist's folder. Can I get rid of this somehow.

3) I also get so many crashes now that Twonky didn't give me.

Any assistance would be gratefully received,
Kind regards,
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Folder View - The only vital view - - 16-11-2014 16:10

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