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Understanding the Minimstreatmer Fundamentals
12-11-2014, 22:00
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RE: Understanding the Minimstreatmer Fundamentals
(12-11-2014 14:22)Minderbinder Wrote:  So now I'm going about trying to find stations worth adding to play lists. I know this is probably fundamental to most of the people on this forum, but it's not clear to me if all the streaming URLs are convertible to the proper format to be added to the .m3u file; and for the ones that are, how do I convert them. For instance, if I know I can get there with this -

how will I know to change it to this -

#EXTINF:-1,[Linn;mp3] Linn Radio Classical

If you can point me to some beginner resources, I can try to work on my issues that way.


It is common for the same stream to be available via multiple URLs. In this case, any of these URLs should work in a MinimStreamer playlist.
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