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ALBUMARTIST excluded and still evaluated
27-10-2014, 00:37
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RE: ALBUMARTIST excluded and still evaluated
(26-10-2014 23:40)Hafer Wrote:  I set the indexTags property to

Quote:Genre, Composer, CONTENTGROUP:Composition, Conductor, Orchestra, Soloists, Artist

and therefore intentionally excluded AlbumArtist. The itemTags property doesn't contain anything. Nevertheless I get warnings in the log like

Quote:Warning: conflicting ALBUMARTIST values ignored for album


Thx, Hafer

MinimServer always reads AlbumArtist tags if they are present. You are getting this message because MinimServer doesn't allow an album to have multiple values for AlbumArtist. To completely eliminate AlbumArtist processing, you can set the aliasTags property to:

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