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AlbumArtist Issues - creates more Albums
09-10-2014, 22:46
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RE: AlbumArtist Issues - creates more Albums
(09-10-2014 22:36)simoncn Wrote:  
(09-10-2014 20:33)Pastim Wrote:  I have a solution to my, and possibly others, dilemma regarding multiple AlbumArtist tags.

If it meets with the approval of the powers that be it might be useful to include something like it in the user guide, for obstinate people such as myself who still insist that multiple AlbumArtists can and do exist and should be separate, also suiting the behaviour of some other music servers.

I have created a new tag, just for MinimServer. I call it MinimAlbumArtist. It contains a concatenated set of AlbumArtist tags (in mp3tag and puddletag this is an action on tag MinimAlbumArtist to format it as:
$meta_sep(albumartist,; )

In MinimServer, the relevant properties are:
aliasTags - AlbumArtist:MainArtist,MinimAlbumArtist:AlbumArtist
indexTags - MainArtist:AlbumArtist .....
itemTags - MinimAlbumArtist, AlbumArtistSort.......
tagValue - MainArtist.value.sort={AlbumArtistSort}....
tagCustom -  MainArtist.displayRole={artist}, all.display.multiTag .....
So the real, multiple, AlbumArtist tags are now MainArtist tags, but displayed as AlbumArtists. I can have a many as I like, and use the menu to select any one of these AlbumArtists, just like other servers.

However, minimserver now has no AlbumArtist to use to tie one set of tracks with different sets of Artists together from different folders, and therefore miscounts single and multi-disc Albums as a result.

By using MinimAlbumArtist, now aliased as AlbumArtist, but not used as an index tag (so not visible), minimserver is happy. It has a unique AlbumArtist and counts Albums correctly.

This has bothered me on an off for a very long time. It bothered me even more when I started to look at using the Group tag, which expects a consistent set of tracks across multiple discs in one Album. So I was forced to think again about a solution to keep both my brain and minimserver happy at the same time.


Thanks for posting this. I'm pleased to hear you have found a workable solution.

This solution is similar the suggestion I had made in this post. Your MinimAlbumArtist tag is playing the role of the MergeArtist tag that I had suggested.
I'm sorry. My memory is very poor. I should have tried harder.

I also suspect that at the time I didn't see that your MergeArtist solution could be automated for all albums, not just some, and combined with the MainArtist idea. I was expecting to have to go through every single track on every album checking whether the Artists were the same or not. There is, of course, no need. I can do the same for all albums, and hence automate it.
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