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WAV files and multiple genre
04-09-2014, 13:07
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WAV files and multiple genre
Hi Simon,
Congratulations for your awesome music server software package!
Apologies if my question below was already subject of an earlier thread, I couldn’t find an answer to my problem. I did tag WAV files using dBpoweramp and included multiple genre tags: GENRE= symphonic music; orchestral; classical.
If I now use Asset UPnP to scan my library, I will indeed find my music file properly indexed in each of the genre folders ‘symphonic music’, ‘orchestral’ and ‘classical’. Conversely with MinimServer (and actually also with Lumin or Lightning DS), I won’t find my music file in either one of the genres above. Rather a new genre folder is created as ‘symphonic music;orchestral;classical’ (note that the spaces after semi-colon have disappeared). Is Asset alone capable of handling multiple genre with WAV files? I added the setting 'Genre.display.multiTag' as tagCustom property, but without improvements.
Thank you in advance for your kind response.
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