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A full function linux control point?
25-05-2014, 22:20
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A full function linux control point?
UPnP is driving me nuts again. I have minimserver running really well, and it does all I want from a server, and more. It even has great support from Simon.

Can I control it from a linux laptop (to various renderers) without some form of bug? No I can't.

Kinsky hardly runs at all. XBMC won't even start. Leia is flaky and not gapless. The nearest I have got is foobar2000 running under wine. Apart form the mild irritation of having to run a windows program on linux, the main problem is that it re-sorts the indexes the way it wants to, rather than following what minimserver delivers. Gapless is also a little flaky.

I can use my android smartphone, and bubbleupnp, but the screen is too small so it isn't easy to use with my slightly ageing fingers and eyes. It claims to support gapless play but to be honest I couldn't use the phone as a control point regularly. If I had a fondleslab (sorry, tablet) I probably would use bubbleupnp, but I don't have one (yet).

So does anyone know of a UPnP Control Point that runs on linux (I'm using xubuntu 14.04), doesn't crash too often, supports gapless playback, and does what it is told by servers such as minimserver? There must be one, mustn't there?
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A full function linux control point? - Pastim - 25-05-2014 22:20

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