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A full function linux control point?
05-10-2014, 14:46
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RE: A full function linux control point?
(05-10-2014 14:28)medoc92 Wrote:  Hi,

You could give a try to upplay:

I had the same problem as you, but, being a developper, I did something about it Smile

This is still quite young, and there is only an Ubuntu 14.04 package currently, but I am willing to help if you have trouble building/installing: jf at dockes dot org.

It's quite barebones, but it does fit your requirements: no meddling with the media server presentation, and supports gapless both with SetNextAVTransportURI and OpenHome, depending on the renderer.



This sounds very interesting! Smile

I am still on 12.04 and I'm planning to upgrade to 14.04 soon. Can the .deb binary package be installed on 12.04?
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