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What Do I Need?
21-04-2014, 13:06 (This post was last modified: 21-04-2014 13:07 by gnomus.)
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What Do I Need?
I hope I am posting in the correct forum.

I'm a little uncertain as to how to proceed. I have one room in which I can listen to music. This is the same room that houses my AV system.

At the moment, I have an Oppo Blu Ray player and an old LP12 connected to an Arcam AV8 preamp. This then outputs through 3 x Meridian 555 Stereo Power Amplifiers. Speakers are B&W Rear and Centre and Naim SBLs at L&R Front. Up to now I have been listening to CDs via the Oppo.

I bought some Sonos gear primarily to check whether I can get streaming working. This has whetted my appetite for something with a little more quality. I'm considering either a Linn or Naim system.

My first question is - am I likely to achieve the best sound by attempting to integrate the streamer into my AV system, or by setting up a separate Stereo-only set up in the same room?

I do have some bits and pieces lying around that could be put to use. I have a Krell KSL (with phono preamp) and KST 100 lying about doing nothing at present. I also have another pair of B&W speakers that could be put into the AV system to free up the SBLs. That would allow me to have a reasonable AV setup and a stereo setup consisting Streamer (Linn/Naim), LP12, Krell Pre/Power into Naim SBLs. (Admittedly having the Naim SBLs flanked by the B&W speakers is going to look a little odd, but there is enough room. I don't suppose I can plug the outputs from two separate amplifiers [Meridian and Krell) into the same speaker can I?)

Alternatively, I could think about getting one of the DSM Linn Streamers and selling/trading the Krell gear to help finance that option.

I'd be interested in hearing views (and in getting some recommendations). I may be able to fix up a visit to demo some equipment later this week.
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