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Alphabetical grouping for playlists
12-04-2014, 00:11
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RE: Alphabetical grouping for playlists
(11-04-2014 21:05)simoncn Wrote:  
(11-04-2014 20:39)clio09 Wrote:  Okay I have been following the recent Streaming thread here and now know what a .m3u file is and how to use the text editor on my Mac to open one. Pardon the ignorance but when I create the .m3u file am I using the text editor to create the song list, then change the extension from .txt to .m3u.

This should be OK.

Quote:Also, the files are WAV or AIFF, not FLAC. Does it make a difference? In your examples is that a syntax I should be using or should I just type in the song name with .wav or .aiff file extension in the order I wish for them to appear.

You should type the filenames (including their .wav or .aiff extensions) in the order you want them to appear when you view the playlist.

Okay I created the .m3u file but after restarting and rescanning while I see the playlist no songs display. I have attached the log showing the errors where the file names cannot be found.

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