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Alphabetical grouping for playlists
11-04-2014, 18:00
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RE: Alphabetical grouping for playlists
(10-04-2014 22:17)simoncn Wrote:  
(10-04-2014 21:18)clio09 Wrote:  While we are talking about grouping I have a small issue. I downloaded all samples of Linn's 24 bits of Christmas. Previously when I used JRiver I could arrange the songs in a folder on my MacMini numerically in order of their daily release. Using JRemote with Jriver I could see the contents displayed accordingly. Now that I have this folder on a NAS that also runs MinimServer I know longer see the appropriate order in the playlist of PlugPlayer. Is PlugPlayer the issue here?

Did you "arrange the songs" by editing their filenames so that the alphabetical order of the filenames matches the daily release order?

If so, this approach doesn't work with MinimServer's folder view. This view sorts the songs by album name first and then by track number.

What I did in the file folder I created is renamed the file putting the numerical order of the song first in the file name followed by song title to correspond to date release. So for example:

01 Song Title
02 Song Title

Etc. up through 26. Each song is tagged with Album and Artist metadata as well.

I suspect your answer is still applicable, but is there any work around you can think of?
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