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How to make transcoding to work?
18-03-2014, 19:54
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RE: How to make transcoding to work?
(18-03-2014 18:56)crp Wrote:  Simon, the entry for PATH is correct.

I had trashed /usr/local/bin when I installed ffmpeg, and somehow confused myself when I checked for its existence and permissions.

I no longer get error assigning "ffmeg" as converter, and alac:wav24 is now accepted as transcode property. THANK YOU for helping me discover my error.

Most of my files are ripped to AIFF. I don't know if transcoding aiff to wav24 will sound better, but I expect it will (24 bit usually helps for some mysterious reason). Is there a likelihood of supporting this in the future? Is this dependent upon the ffmpeg development?

Many Thanks,

It would be possible to transcode AIFF to WAV. This could be done by writing code in Java or by using an external converter (ffmpeg or avconv).

If I were to do this, I would probably design the code to also support combinations like WAV (16 or 24) to AIFF (16 or 24), AIFF (16 or 24) to AIFF (24 or 16), WAV (16 or 24) to WAV (24 or 16), and WAV or AIFF (16 or 24) to LPCM (16 or 24). This would be quite a lot of work, and it isn't very likely to happen in the near to medium term.
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