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Unable to stream 192kHz on DSM 5
14-07-2014, 21:50
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RE: Unable to stream 192kHz on DSM 5
(14-07-2014 12:38)rweten Wrote:  Now all fixed and working perfectly. Many thanks for your patient help.

That extra bit of information regarding restarting the NAS was helpful. I reinstalled Java before a reboot of the NAS and no change. Same problem as before. I then uninstalled MinimServer, uninstalled Java, and rebooted the NAS before reinstalling Java and then MinimServer. That fixed it.

I'm now streaming 24/192 files at about 20% CPU load, so similar to you.

Am looking forward to seeing if I can discern a true difference between FLAC and WAV - the source of much debate it seems.

Again, Simon, I really appreciate the support you've given. I doubt I could have got to the bottom of this without you.


You are very welcome. I'm pleased to hear the problem is solved now.

The Java runtime you were using previously was OpenJDK. You have now installed Oracle Java. On the ARMv5 platform (as used by the NV+ v2), Oracle Java is about 5 times faster than OpenJDK. This is why you have seen your CPU usage drop from 100% to about 20%.
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