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Problems (e.g. skipping) with HD FLAC files?
06-03-2014, 01:41
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Big Grin RE: Problems (e.g. skipping) with HD FLAC files?
(23-02-2014 23:36)mikey_at_swb Wrote:  
(22-02-2014 19:51)simoncn Wrote:  
(22-02-2014 18:05)mikey_at_swb Wrote:  The Yamaha is attached to the switch. The combined cable modem/wireless router has only one physical output, which is used by the switch. Hence I can't test this by attaching the Yamaha directly to the router, since then I won't have the NAS on the network!

The good news is that I had planned on donating the modem/switch to a friend and upgrading to a new modem (sans wireless) and a wireless router:

- Motorola Surfboard eXtreme Cable Modem (SB6141)
- Netgear R6300 Smart WiFi Router (AC1750)

They're sitting in a box in my closet waiting to be hooked up. Now might be the time...

As both the QNAP and Yamaha are attached to the switch, the finger of suspicion is pointed fairly firmly at the switch. I think the new router/switch is likely to solve the problem.

It doesn't look like I'll get a chance to set up this equipment until next weekend. I'll let you know how I make out when I do, just to close the loop on this thread for folks who may be experiencing similar problems. Stay tuned...

I finally got a chance to set up my new modem and wireless router. Problem solved. Sweet!!! Thanks again for the support.
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RE: Problems (e.g. skipping) with HD FLAC files? - mikey_at_swb - 06-03-2014 01:41

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