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Missing files on Synology
18-02-2014, 08:15
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RE: Missing files on Synology
(18-02-2014 01:55)magister Wrote:  This may be a MinimServer problem, or a problem with my Synology NAS -- in either case I hope someone can help, since I am flummoxed.

I had one very large folder for classical music. I created two other shared folders (with appropriate permissions) and moved many of my music files from the original into the new folders. Now none of the control points I've tried (three) will see the moved files; the new folders show as empty in MinimServer's folder view. I have, of course, rebooted the NAS, restarted and rescanned MinimServer twice, all to avail. MinimServer's log shows no issues.

Synology's own File Station shows the files in the right places. In Windows, I can open an Explorer window, open up the Synology under the Network, and navigate as usual -- and the moved files are shown there, which makes me think there is nothing defective with what I did when moving the files. I appreciate any help!

I presume you have given the minimserver daemon user access to the new folders.

As a test, you can try removing your main shared folder from contentDir and setting the logging level to Debug. If you do a MinimServer rescan with these settings, what do you see in the log window?
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