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"Label" tag
19-02-2014, 16:59
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RE: "Label" tag
(19-02-2014 15:54)NickP Wrote:  Hi Simon
Sorry, I was sure I'd posted an update yesterday. I certainly previewed it, but must've messed up at the last...
Yes, the "missing" albums were revealed inside "Organization"; and also, in Organization, I could see a number of Labels\Publishers that I'd missed when I last went through making sure that every instance of all labels used the same value.
Question: am I doing something wrong when I use the "Label" tag? Should I be doing something differently?
Thanks again

You would need to ask the provider(s) of your tagging software about that. Some tagging programs do strange things with tag names. You could probably remove the mapping from Label to Organization by changing your Mp3tag settings. Fortunately, MinimServer includes the aliasTags facility to enable you to get things straight in MinimServer's view of your files.
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