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"Label" tag
17-02-2014, 18:02
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RE: "Label" tag
(17-02-2014 16:33)NickP Wrote:  I have four albums by Peter Gabriel, all from B&W Society of Sound. I edited their tags to suit my schema, using Tag&Rename, including putting "B&W SoS Music" in the "Label". However, when I browse by label to B&W SoS Music then to "Gabriel, Peter", only two of the four albums show up.
Looking at the flac files, using dBpowersAmp's Edit ID-Tag, all files have "B&W SoS Music" for "Label". If I look at the files using MP3Tag, I find that the missing two albums have a "Publisher" tag, set to "B&W SoS Music", and no "Label" tag, and the non-missing albums have a "Label" tag set to "B&W SoS Music".
On the face of it, when I think I'm updating a "Label", it'd seem that, at random, I update "Publisher" instead!
At the risk of mixing two threads, I tried "Publisher:Label" in aliasTags, restarted minimserver, but saw no change.
Any ideas?

What type of files are these (e.g., FLAC, ALAC, MP3)?
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