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Configuring radio streams with minimwatch
08-04-2014, 12:41
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RE: Configuring radio streams with minimwatch
(08-04-2014 12:27)largestgasman Wrote:  I have installed minimstreamer and I do see the two copies.
I have tried both but to no avail.

I think this means the Naim renderer can't recognise the format of the stream. The renderer should be able to use the HTTP MIME type to recognise the stream format (such as MP3 or AAC), but some renderers can't do this and require a file extension in the URL to detect the stream format.

You should be able to work around this problem by configuring MinimStreamer to transcode all network streams to WAV format. To do this, use MinimWatch to set the stream.transcode property to:


and restart MinimServer. You should now be able to select and play the MinimStreamer versions of these streams.
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