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Basic error in numerical sorting of album names
12-01-2014, 19:41
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RE: Basic error in numerical sorting of album names
(12-01-2014 19:08)DavidL Wrote:  As sorting strings 'correctly' with embedded numbers is the norm for handling file names etc in Windows and Mac OS there are very efficient algorithms available. Here's one reference including C# code:


I don't think the Windows Explorer behaviour of sorting 0.8 before 0.20 is 'correct'. This is a good example of getting the wrong result by trying to be too clever.

While trying (unsuccessfully) to find a description of the sorting algorithm currently used by iTunes, I came across this page. This is marked as 'archived', so I don't know if it's still applicable. Something with this level of complexity is the logical consequence of trying to implement an "intelligent" or "natural" sort order. There are also a number of posts on the Apple forums from people who don't like these rules and have been forced to use manual tag overrides to disable the "intelligence". I don't think it's a good idea for MinimServer to go down this path of trying to guess what sort order the user would prefer.
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