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Radio Stations in Lumin via MinimStreamer
30-01-2014, 11:39
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RE: Radio Stations in Lumin via MinimStreamer
(30-01-2014 10:42)simoncn Wrote:  
(30-01-2014 09:36)jones Wrote:  Hi Simon,

I seem to have some trouble transcoding radio streams, although locally stored files seem to transcode ok. Also, the direct streams play fine. I'm currently testing using Windows Media Player.

As you know I have a somewhat special setup, with Minim running in a CHROOT environment on my DS410.

Some relevant parameters:
stream.converter: ffmpeg
stream.transcode: flac:wav24, mp3:wav24, aac:wav24, alac:wav24

Example file:
#EXTINF:-1,[Cap] Capital Radio
#EXTINF:-1,[CFM] Classic FM
#EXTINF:-1,[RMO] RockMax Oldies

[u]Log file:[/u/]

Hope you can offer some help to get this resolved. It probably has something to do with my setup.

Thanks a lot

From the log, I see that the problem is related to a shared stream not having been cleaned up correctly after a previous use of the same stream. This is a bug in MinimStreamer and isn't related to your setup.

The latest 0.3.10 update to MinimStreamer (just released) has some changes to fix problems in this area. Please try this and let me know whether it fixes this problem.

Yes, thanks for the update. Nice how MinimWatch automatically gives a message about them and with just a few clicks they are installed.
Unfortunately, they didn't solve my issue. Placing the target file in the queue (eg. [Cap] Capital Radio) doesn't give any sound. Clearing the log and pressing play once again in the player (this time Bubble on my Android) creates the attached log. I hope it helps to resolve it, if you need more info, i'll be happy to oblige.

Attached File(s)
.txt  Transcode error log when playing [Cap] Capital Radio - v3.10.txt (Size: 66.12 KB / Downloads: 4)
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