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Radio Stations in Lumin via MinimStreamer
18-01-2014, 13:08
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RE: Radio Stations in Lumin via MinimStreamer
(18-01-2014 11:12)simoncn Wrote:  
(18-01-2014 09:37)Peter@57m Wrote:  The above appears to work for playing. Should there be a unique identifier for each stream or each type of stream (mp3, AAC, etc)? Could you explain how MinimServer uses the stream ID - is it to identify recordings which I haven't tried?
I will try updating my file to unique IDs to see if it changes anything.

At present, the stream ID is used for recordings and would need to be unique for that purpose. The latest update to MinimStreamer also uses the stream ID to control stream sharing (playing the same network stream concurrently on multiple devices in the home). I am planning to add a check in the near future to ensure uniqueness of stream IDs.

Thanks for the update, that explains why it worked OK for just playback.
I have updated my initail post and the post above to reflect unique naming so I don't mislead others.

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