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Radio Stations in Lumin via MinimStreamer
04-01-2014, 17:21 (This post was last modified: 18-01-2014 13:05 by Peter@57m.)
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Radio Stations in Lumin via MinimStreamer
Thought I'd mention this for any MinimServer users who also use Lumin as a control point for the DS/M. It may work with Lumin kit too but as I don't have one I can't try it.

Using the new Routing Network Streams in MinimStreamer 0.8.1 you can get MinimStreamer to play radio station streams from entries in a playlist file. I have set up a playlist file with all the radio stations I usually listen to, note these do not have to be in your Tune-In favourites.
I then add this playlist to the queue using Kinsky, then go into Lumin and save the queue as a Lumin playlist. Then if I want to listen to the radio I can do this by recalling the Lumin radio playlist and selecting the radio station I want.
It takes some initial setup but means you don't have to leave Lumin control point to switch between music file a radio stations.

See this post in the MinimServer forum and of course the MinimStreamer user guide

(you can also transcode the streams to WAV24 etc if you wish)

For reference, here is a sample radio.m3u file. The urls/stream names for many radio stations can be found here

#EXTINF:-1,[LCl] Linn Radio Classical
#EXTINF:-1,[LRa] Linn Radio
#EXTINF:-1,[LJR] Linn Radio Jazz
#EXTINF:-1,[BBC1] BBC Radio 1
#EXTINF:-1,[BBC2] BBC Radio 2
#EXTINF:-1,[ACR] Absolute Classic Rock
#EXTINF:-1,[ARa] Absolute Radio
#EXTINF:-1,[Cap] Capital Radio
#EXTINF:-1,[CFM] Classic FM
#EXTINF:-1,[RMO] RockMax Oldies

have fun

(also posted on Linn forum)

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QNAP 559 ProII, Melco N1ZH, MinimServer, Lumin & Kazoo
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