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Thank You. First Questions and Problems...
10-08-2012, 12:06 (This post was last modified: 10-08-2012 12:08 by mikejazz.)
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Thank You. First Questions and Problems...
Hello Simon!

Yesterday I found someone mentioning MinimServer and that now it could be installed in my Synology.
I am so happy to finally find a server that enables us to browse in a logical way, and not help us finding what we want, but also make us learn more from our own collection! This is Brilliant work.

I was always frustrated by other solutions. I liked Jremote (but implies turning on the host of the JRMC library all time..not the best).

So... let me post a few problems I found...I prefer to post it here first, maybe some are more due to myself instead of bugs...

Part 1) PC installation (windows 7)
- I installed MinimServer with no Problems; it took a while to start (it remained in yellow mode...then green and was able to find it with Linn Kinsky. And first reaction was (wow, now it works as I like!!!).
- I installed MinimWatch. But no luck with this one! Remains "grey" and with no access to Properties and the other first 5 options in the menu.

Part 2) NAS Synology installation (DS712+ running DSM 3.2)
- Installed java as explained here and restarted NAS
- installed "MinimServer-0.52-x86.spk"; restarted NAS

2 issues.
- I have Java SE for Embedded 6 installed BUT...when I check on More status is "Stopped".
- Maybe because of this previous issue, I have MinimServer on the "installed" section, but also cannot Run it (stays stopped)...

Possible problem. I have both files in the public folder of NAS:
and ejre-1_6_0_32-fcs-b05-linux-i586-headless-05_apr_2012.tar.

- Should I remove them, or one of them from the public folder?

Final question: does MiniServer always read all the ContentDir before becoming "green"?

Thanks for you for the great work!
This has immense potential to became the perfect solution (from someone who uses foobar, JRMC, Synology Media Server, eLyric from psaudio, Logitech Media Server...)
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