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Make sub-structure costomizable
10-08-2012, 11:47
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RE: Make sub-structure costomizable
(09-08-2012 17:42)simoncn Wrote:  
(09-08-2012 09:25)akolbe Wrote:  Hi Simon,

after setting up Minim Server on my collection (2400 Albums), I find it very usefull and - especially - stable. Congratulations for this!

There are, however, some improvements I might raise:
If you browse by Genre, you get a list similar to this -
2 albums
26 items
All Artists

While this is great for large Genres with 20+ Albumd, it is a bit oversized for 2 - 10 Albums. Therefore, I would add a setting to switch off this detailed sub-structure for lists below "x" albums.

This applies to Genre, Artists, All Artists, Date, Rating, etc.

Thanks for this suggestion. I presume you want to be taken directly to the list of albums that you would get by selecting 'xx albums' (to save you one selection).

I've had previous requests for an Artist / Album selection that takes you directly to the list of albums by a given artist. Your request is a bit more complex because it would require checking the size of the album list. Other people may want to use different criteria, and this gets into the trade-off between configurability and complexity. I'll think about whether there's some way to provide more configurability for these cases without adding too much complexity.

Quote:Another issue is the mandatory view (untagged). I would add a setting to hide this, rather techical, view.

Hi Simon,

I totally agree this is a very useful function, used it yesterday for the first time,
found the Album and made the correction.


This has three purposes:

1) It alerts you to any untagged items.

2) It enables you to view and play these items.

3) It keeps the view of the current selection complete, with no hidden items.

Quote:So much for now. Again, this V0.52a product is already a very usable product and much better than other producta in V7.09!!!

Best regards,

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