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Why the time-limited license?
12-01-2014, 18:28
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RE: Why the time-limited license?
(31-12-2013 09:48)simoncn Wrote:  
(30-12-2013 18:24)DavidHB Wrote:  The update to version 0.3.6 of MinimStreamer requires acceptance of a license which is time-limited to 30 June 2014. I do not think that version 0.3.5 had this limitation, which is not mentioned in the release notes. Is there a change of policy here?


The 0.3.5 version had exactly the same terms. These terms are also mentioned on the MinimStreamer home page.

Simon, thank you for bringing MinimStreamer into life which solved my feature request to transcode from ALAC. Excellent! What will happen after 30/07/14? Will be there a possibillity to purchase MinimStreamer?
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