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Initial impressions
29-07-2012, 21:59 (This post was last modified: 29-07-2012 22:01 by simoncn.)
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RE: Initial impressions
(28-07-2012 17:19)machtman Wrote:  Hi, I've only been using MinimServer for one day, and immediately ran into minor problems. But it's now starting to make sense (with the help of Simon's immediate responses and detailed comments) What has totally sold me on it is the fantastic search capabilities it conferred on SongBook Lite, including searching within multiword data. I immediately reported this to my better half (2/3?, 4/5?), who then responded that searching left her cold unless it was easy to search for individual tracks, e.g. Twilight within the Calling CD by Mary Chapin Carpenter.

For those who migh not have figured this out, it doesn't work in default mode, and titles are apparently not part of items by default. Me with mud on my face (again). But it is totally intuitive to implement this search capability by including the Title tag among index Tags in MinimWatch. Turns out 2 of the 7500 items, which I suspect correspond to individual tracks (?), are called Twilight but it's still a lot faster than drilling down to Mary Chapin Carpenter and trying to remember which of her many CDs contained this track. And it sounds well too. Now if only there were a method to save Playlsts in SongBook that worked! (or in MinimServer)


Hi Mark,
First of all, congratulations on finding the Title option! I put this in to provide a simple way to find the complete album for any song title.

You should be able to use Songbook Lite to search for song titles within the "7000 items" container as well as within the "Title" container. The difference is that with the first you only get individual tracks, but with the second you're also able to see the complete album for each track.

Items can be either tracks or groups. For example, you can tag all four movements of a symphony as a group (using the GROUP tag). You can then view, select and play this group as a single item.

Saved playlists are on the list of things to be added in a future release. Smile

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