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Install MinimStreamer on Windows 2016 Core - no network
23-08-2017, 09:25
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RE: Install MinimStreamer on Windows 2016 Core - no network
(23-08-2017 09:10)simorag Wrote:  - On the Core OS I haven't been able to install Java, even when using the "silent" installation. Therefore I have copied a portable installation of Java on my PC, and I am running Minimserver through the command line "java.exe "..\mserver.jar --set watch.view=console"

- On the GUI OS, where Minimserver/Minimstreamer are working fine, the command line I run is just "mserver.jar", since Java is installed properly and the jar file are associated to it.

- When I tried on the GUI OS to run Minimserver using the same command line of the Core OS, I could again play only wav files even on the GUI OS environment. I found that a brand new server was created and I noticed the minimserver.config file that was created on the same folder where I ran the command line.

This is because you didn't start MinimServer with your current directory set to C:\Program Files\MinimServer\lib. If you do this, MinimServer creates the minimserver.config file and other runtime files in the correct location of C:\Users\your-user-name\AppData\Roaming\MinimServer\data.

Quote:What I did then was to install the minimstreamer package by using the console on the GUI OS (where the internet is accessible), define the "props" for transcoding and checked that on the GUI OS I was again able to play flac, mp3, dsf etc.

At this point, I copied again all the minimserver related files (from the installation folder, from the appdata/roaming folder) AND the minimserver.config file from to the Core environment.

As I said in my previous post, you should only copy the libext files from one machine to another. Copying other files from AppData/Roaming/MinimServer is not supported or recommended as it can cause problems. In particular, it is strongly recommended that you do not copy the minimserver.config file. You should use scripted commands on the core machine to add or change property settings.
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23-08-2017, 09:33
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RE: Install MinimStreamer on Windows 2016 Core - no network
OK, thanks for clarifying this. I was pretty sure that I had to complicate things more than needed because I had done something wrong...
I will follow your advice and make a cleaner set-up now.
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