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Linn streamers - shelf filters - Donuk - 16-11-2023 17:55

Hi Folks
It seems that we have some new toys to play with. At least those of us who use Linn streamers.
see here on Linn's site...

So high and low frequencies can be sloped up and down. Nothing that could not have been achieved by playing around with their Space Optimisation version One. But much easier.... And perhaps does not go far enough.

It will get its critics - "Linn have offered tone controls (and we hate tone controls on religious grounds)" to "why did they not do this earlier?"

I welcome it - looks fun - gives my small speakers a bit of bass lift. And nobody has to use it.....

Anyone any thoughts or tried it? And I am sure this is not the place for a tone control debate. If you use a RIAA filter on your phono amp or a crossover network on your speakers, you are vulnerable if you eschew them.....

Donuk, York

RE: Linn streamers - shelf filters - Donuk - 22-11-2023 17:48

So has anyone tried this yet?
I think it is a useful tool which - for my ears - does not suck to life out of the music like Space Optimisation 2 does.