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Woman Acceptance factor - lyapounov - 13-10-2022 18:09

I guess many people in this forum know the important concept of "Woman Acceptance factor" or "Wife Acceptance Factor"

However, I find this interesting statement in the corresponding Wikipedia entry:

Quote:Foreman suggested that audiophile husbands should balance their large and ugly electronic acquisitions with gifts to the wife made on the basis of similar expense, with opera tickets, jewelry and vacations abroad among the suggestions

OK: who does first here ? :-)

RE: Woman Acceptance factor - lyapounov - 13-10-2022 18:13

Of course, we could balance our minimserver membership, and buy a 15€ gift instead... But I fear this would not be very sexy

RE: Woman Acceptance factor - Donuk - 16-10-2022 18:16

Perhaps I am lucky, but..

We have a decent hifi set up which my wife thoroughly enjoys. Although perhaps I tend to make the purchases and upgrades, she likes music particularly when it is well presented. It gives me double pleasure when I overhear her talking to her friends about "her" hifi system...

It it did not make good music and look tolerably nice, that would be a very different matter....

PS I think it would be safer to rename this thread something like "Female acceptance of hifi".....

RE: Woman Acceptance factor - lyapounov - 04-11-2022 09:20

OK, I see two things:

1) OK, so let me rephrase: "partner including LGBTQIA+ acceptance parameter" (even if the WAF is more about HiFI, this can apply to anything else which is HiTech, including computers). No I won't, I hate the Woke movement.

2) I realize the somehow lack of humor in this forum. Crazy.

I promess that, as of now, I will no longer post funny things.

Sic Transit Gloriae Mundi

Serge, from rainy Bourgogne

RE: Woman Acceptance factor - simoncn - 04-11-2022 11:50

With apologies for my lack of humour, I am a little concerned about the possible future direction of this thread. This might be a good point to draw this conversation to a close.