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MinimStreamer will not start - sng2021 - 10-06-2022 05:13


I have a trial licence of MinimServer running on my Intel iMac (MacOS 11.6.5). I installed MinimSteamer according to instructions using Properties/Packages. Yet, MinimStreamer will not start up (I am attaching a screen capture).

I have tried restarting MinimServer, rebooting my Mac, Removed and reinstalled MinimStreamer all of which did not fix the problem.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

RE: MinimStreamer will not start - simoncn - 10-06-2022 10:51

This screenshot shows that MinimStreamer has been installed correctly and is running. To use MinimStreamer, you need to configure it as described in the MinimStreamer user guide. For example, if you want to use MinimStreamer for transcoding, you need to set the stream.transcode property.