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Bizarre error msg - lyapounov - 23-03-2022 02:16

Hi Simon

when I connect to minimserver web page, I have this error message:

Quote:Media server status for Minimserver de Serge: Error
This page was last updated at 02:12:20 on 23 Mar 2022
Unexpected license file format: 60; resetting to Starter Edition

It is weird, as I am not in my home, and have not used minimserver at all since January

On the license tab, it says

Quote:Your MinimServer license type is Full, with no expiry date.
Your MinimStreamer license expires on May 6, 2022 at 10:15:20 AM CEST.
Your license includes updates until May 6, 2022 at 10:15:20 AM CEST.
You are using 2 of 3 license activations (click here for details)

Thx !

RE: Bizarre error msg - lyapounov - 23-03-2022 02:18

OK, I did a rescan, and the error msg dissapeared

RE: Bizarre error msg - simoncn - 23-03-2022 09:18

This tooks like a temporary network issue causing data sent by the license server not being received correctly by MinimServer.