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First contact - fblack - 08-01-2022 16:47

I faced up to the challenge of getting MinimStreamer to, well, stream via BubbleUPNP to a Sonos Renderer, using your instructions to add BBC radio stations.

It was all very easy, and worked more-or-less out of the box. Thank you for the walk-through instructions. I have even added other streams.

I found that as well as rescanning in Minimwatch, I had to actually restart my phone to get BubbleUPNP to update the playlist. I couldn't see that anywhere in the instructions, and thought it might help others who might give up because they thought it wasn't working.

RE: First contact - simoncn - 08-01-2022 17:12

When you change the library (playlists or audio files), BubbleUPnP requires you to reload the library into BubbleUPnP in order to see the changes. This reload is in addition to doing a MinimServer rescan. Other control points don't require this reload.

You should be able to find the BubbleUPnP menu selection to do this reload. If it isn't obvious, please post back here.

RE: First contact - fblack - 16-01-2022 18:02

Do you mean reload in folder view for the whole folder? That's the only one I can see (I was expecting it in settings, but it isn't there). I am sorted. All the stations I have loaded so far play perfectly. Thank you.

RE: First contact - simoncn - 16-01-2022 18:40

Reloading the library is a BubbleUPnP thing and is not related to the folder view in MinimServer. In BubbleUPnP, from the home page (top level) of your MinimServer library, click the "3 dots" icon and select Reload.