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Extend Java Heap size - mminga - 02-01-2022 13:41

As I had an issue at my Pi, I found here the solution:

RE: Extend Java Heap size - simoncn - 02-01-2022 16:40

Thanks for posting this. There is also a MinimServer configuration file you can use to set the heap size (and other Java startup options) on the Raspberry Pi and other Linux systems.

1) Create a file named minimstart.conf in the minimserver/etc directory
2) Add this line to the file: javaopts = -Xmx1024m

This sets the Java maximum heap size to 1024 MB.

I have added some information about this to this section.

RE: Extend Java Heap size - mminga - 12-01-2022 22:50

As I use very many tags and I have many files, I run again into:
java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
I extended it in minimstart.conf to
javaopts = -Xmx2048m
Do you see there an issue, because there are now both values set?
Is there a need to remove it in the general settings?

RE: Extend Java Heap size - simoncn - 12-01-2022 23:13

The javaopts value in minimstart.conf should take priority. It would be safer to use only this setting.

RE: Extend Java Heap size - simbun - 13-01-2022 10:02

This post contains some useful information about how you can monitor memory usage in MinimServer, as well as some basic advice on how various configuration options affect it.

RE: Extend Java Heap size - mminga - 13-01-2022 23:11

Dear all, thanks for your help and the additional information.
I use a RPi (1) Model B with 512MB RAM in 24/7 mode.
Currently all is working proper so far.

My music has about 330k tracks, about 15% are not finally tagged yet.
I use the following:
Artist, Date, Decade,  Country, Composer,  #AudioData, #AudioFormat, #AudioQuality
I use several artist and country in every file.
If several artists are for one track or if names include a "the" (The Who and Who, the).
Serveral contry, if a band comes from LA, I use Los Angeles and California and US.
If I run out of space, I will think of a reducing...
I have several folders and the file size of the *.cache are now:
1 = 150 MB and 2 = 10 MB
I will let you know about my expierience.

RE: Extend Java Heap size - mminga - 21-02-2022 22:30

Now I finished my tagging.
I could reduce to:
javaopts = -Xmx1024m

Everthing is working proper.