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coding language question - Donuk - 29-10-2020 19:34

I have been having fun over the weeks learning to play around with tagFormat and the like.
I am just curious about what underlying language symbols such as ^$} &c come from. I might look it up and attempt to understand better what is going on.
Anyone other than Simon know??

Another curiosity - not worth a thread on its own - is that the field that in my tag editor, (Tag Editor for Mac (brilliant)) has a field, Year. Minim does not respond to Year but will if you call up "Date". Curious and no doubt clever


RE: coding language question - simoncn - 30-10-2020 16:16

The standard tag for date is named Date. It can hold a year (yyyy) or a more complete date (yyyy-mm or yyyy-mm-dd). Some tagging programs dsplay this Date tag as Year in an attempt to "simplify" things for the user.

The symbols $ ^ } were chosen to have special meanings because they are unlikely to conflict with symbols that appear in other elements of a tag format string (tag name, prefix, suffix and separator).