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.logPrefix Settings - qblack - 03-10-2020 12:22

Hi there,

I have been wanting to create a log of files served by MinimServer for some time and this thread provided the answer:

Just one question: are there any other options for .logPrefix apart from dateTime and milliTime, which I see in various posts?

The dateTime option does not supply the date for GET lines in the log. A full date here would be ideal. Instead, I have to rely on earlier 'MinimServer [...] is running' lines, which are prefixed with the date without the year. The year is hardly critical.

Thanks in advance!

RE: .logPrefix Settings - simoncn - 03-10-2020 15:10

All the .logPrefix special values are shown in this section.

As it says in the same section, the milliThread special value is used for all Debug and Trace messages. This is why you are not seeing the date on the GET lines.

The milliThread value is used for Debug and Trace messages because debugging often requires these messages to be timestamped with millisecond accuracy.

RE: .logPrefix Settings - qblack - 03-10-2020 15:40

Thanks, Simon. Sorry I didn't check that part of the documentation to save you the trouble.

RE: .logPrefix Settings - simoncn - 03-10-2020 16:17

No problem. It was useful for me to refresh my memory of why GET messages aren't stamped with the date.

For future reference, all properties are listed on this page with links to the sections that describe the property settings. This is the simplest way to find out what settings are valid for any property.