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RE: Synology - simoncn - 16-08-2020 18:50

The 512MB of memory is system RAM and is not related to any buffering that the HDD may be doing. MinimServer uses very little system RAM when streaming files.

How large is your library (number of tracks or albums)? If it is very large, it is possible that system RAM could be a factor.

RE: Synology - omarcano - 22-08-2020 02:13

There are no issues with ethernet but it sounds bright, digital.

RE: Synology - simoncn - 22-08-2020 10:01

Can you change your wi-fi router or access point for a different model that has better performance? Another option is to disable the wi-fi in your router and use a separate wi-fi access access point.

RE: Synology - omarcano - 22-08-2020 15:33

The router is a Linksys EA7500, AC1900, should be ok for this task. Both the NAS and the Macmini are connected to the router by ethernet, when I select the Macmini with MS2 (wi fi) there are no issues. It only happens when I stream from the NAS. That rules out the router. Who does the playing in the Macmini, MS2 or the Mac?

RE: Synology - simoncn - 22-08-2020 17:02

I think you said that it only happens when you stream from the NAS by wi-fi, not when you stream from the NAS by Ethernet. This would indicate that the issue is related in some way to wi-fi.

MinimServer streams the audio data across the network to the Aries, so it is "played" by the Aries in both cases.

Your Mac mini is a more powerful machine that the NAS. If the wi-fi connection is marginal with respect to throughput, driving it from a slower machine is more likely to show up any issues.

Sometimes switching from a 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz wi-fi connection (or vice versa) can improve performance. It might be worth trying this.

RE: Synology - omarcano - 22-08-2020 17:44

On the subject of tracks, I have 6000. What is the recommended RAM for this library size?

RE: Synology - simoncn - 22-08-2020 18:00

This depends on what else is running on the NAS. If not much else is running, 256 MB would be more than enough for a library of this size. You can use Synology DSM Resource Monitor to check RAM and CPU usage.

RE: Synology - omarcano - 22-08-2020 23:19

On the issue of wifi, both the Mac and the NAS are connected (ethernet) to the router, which, I think, should have the wifi burden. RAM usage is at 64%, CPU AT 25%. Nothing else is running on the NAS.

RE: Synology - simoncn - 23-08-2020 07:54

These figures for CPU and RAM are fine.

Because the problem is occurring at the start or end of a file, it could be related to network latency (not speed or throughput) and how the Aries handles gapless playback. Gapless playback requires network messages to be exchanged between the player and server at the end and start of a track and the timing of these messages can be critical. Wireless networks have more latency than wired networks, so the extra latency of wi-fi combined with the slower processor in the DS118j could be causing this problem.