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No mimimstreamer package - alsimbo - 05-07-2020 14:55

I'm completely new to having a QNAP NAS and have installed MinimServer on the NAS and Minimwatch on my laptop. I'm trying to add the BBC links, and when following the instructions, I noticed that the MinimStreamer package was not installed.

I've checked that the latest installations are up to date and this is confirmed when using the 'about' option to check for updates as the return states 'all packages are up to date', however, when using the 'properties' and 'packages' option MinimStreamer is not shown.

I entered MinimStreamer manually in the other packages box and get a return stating 'Resource not available: http://jminim/packages/minimstreamer/minimstreamer.jmpkg

Please advise

RE: No mimimstreamer package - alsimbo - 05-07-2020 16:13

Ignore this request, I've solved the issue - it was my fault by having a VPN running!