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Minim watch not working - Aitch - 14-04-2020 15:46

Hi, My install of Minimwatch has stopped working. It will not find or control MinimServer. I have now tried updating to Minimsever2 and minimwatch2 but with the same behaviour. I notice from the log that minmwatch is looking for (I was expecting :9790 but don't really know what this means).
I am using a Synology DS213J NAS, a TP Link Archer VR900 router, and I have tried disabling the windows firewall. Minimserver seems to work and I can trigger a rescan from its own web page but Minimwatch seems rather isolated.
Can you offer any sugggestions to resolve this please. I attach a screenshot of the Minimwatch log files.

RE: Minim watch not working - simoncn - 14-04-2020 17:53

Port 9791 is correct for MinimWatch. Port 9790 is the http port. These log messages mean that MinimWatch is being blocked by a firewall. The first thing to check is whether you have your private network accidentally set as public.

RE: Minim watch not working - Aitch - 17-04-2020 12:55

Many thanks Simon, That has sorted it. Network had gotten itself changed to public, probably when new router was installed. All good now.