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Hidden sidecar files - Donuk - 14-04-2020 15:42

Hi Minimfolk!

I suppose many of us have spare time while under house arrest - and maybe one of you could educate me.

I use a Mac PC and generally I am delighted with it, although it seems harder sometimes to look under the bonnet than Microsoft.

Recently I came across a new phenomenon, for me.

I bought a bedside little music centre - a Ruark R2 mk3. It plays and receives just about anything. It also picks up my NAS and will play anything from that.

But to listen to some old comedy broadcasts I copied a load of mp3s from my external hard drive to a memory stick, which I plugged into my new toy - it plays from FAT32 USB disks &c.

When I came to look at the display screen on my Ruark, I could see what I expect, e.g. HancocksHalfHour.mp3. Click on this and it plays fine. But alongside was a file called ._HancocksHalfHour.mp3 which did not play and caused my Ruark to stop.

Then followed research on line. Yes, produced by my Mac, normally hidden. Interesting routine via Terminal to delete them on the memory stick, reminiscent of my DOS days. I understand these files contain metadata. Of what? Does Minim use these? How how I lived so long and not heard of them? What happens if I delete them universally?

Donuk, puzzled of York....

RE: Hidden sidecar files - simoncn - 14-04-2020 17:50

The metadata in these files is not audio metadata and is not used by MinimServer.