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RE: Music file types - Alandbush - 16-03-2020 23:39

(16-03-2020 22:37)bbrip Wrote:  Thats what I feared.

It is technically precise but I am just wondering whether it is the most practicable / user friendly implementation.

Any chance of giving this a further tought to display as DSD64, 24/96 etc.?

I wonder if this is a moot point?

I understand how helpful it is to identify duplicate tracks differing only by their sample rates etc. but ...

... most of the control points I use display the information you require, admittedly only when being played, but it is there, and ...

... should you resample a track, via Minimstreamer etc., then the original sample rate/bit rate may be incorrect.

RE: Music file types - bbrip - 17-03-2020 10:02

the Control Points I know only display this information when a track is actually playing back resp. have been added to the playlist. I dont know any control point that displays this in the library - except for Roon, which has a little icon at the bottom right of the cover display. But Roon as too many other drawbacks for me to be an option.

But I agree, its nothing major, just a thought.

RE: Music file types - simoncn - 17-03-2020 10:27

MinimServer currently has #AudioQuality which gives you things like CD, CD+, HD, etc. This does not differentiate between (for example) 24/96kHz, 24/192kHz, DSD64 and DSD128. When the existing categories were implemented in 2013, there was very little music above 24/96kHz. It might make sense now to add more categories at the high end.

Is your intended use for this to add information to the album title so that you can differentiate multiple versions of the same recording? or to search your library by recording resolution? or both of these?

RE: Music file types - bbrip - 17-03-2020 11:43

Hi Simon. I have used #AudioQuality in the past. A more specific differentiation would be helpful. And I now actually remember why I decided not using the #AudioData tag when I organised my library in the early days of Minimserver (2013/14). I have some Albums where I have both CD and HD versions, these I have so far separated by putting the "HD" addition into the Album name.

In order to see quickly whether a specific album is 24/44 or 24/96 or 24/192, I would append such a "reworked" #AudioData Tag to the Album name if MinimServer would present it that way.

Example: Tchaikovsky: Sinfonie Nr. 6 "Pathetique" - Petrenko (24/96)

NB: I think the "kHz" label could be skipped fpr PCM files as it's obvious. Maybe a different story for DSD.

RE: Music file types - simoncn - 17-03-2020 13:44

If you have multiple copies of the same album with different resolutions or formats, it is probably better to put the 24/96 etc. in the album title than have it added by tag formatting. This is because in some cases the albums could be merged if the titles are identical:

1) Multidisc albums
2) The mergeFolderAlbums property is set to true

Merging would happen in either of these cases unless there is a match filter preventing this. See this section for more details.

RE: Music file types - simoncn - 29-03-2020 15:10

I have created a new thread to discuss this. Please post your comments there.

RE: Music file types - skyeplayer - 01-04-2020 12:13

This thread is so helpful! Thank you. I struggled with the documentation .. TL;DR completely :-)